Mole Control

Mole ControlIf you have a lovely garden or yard, that has taken much effort and many days of hard work to create, then the last thing you need is a bunch of annoying underground rodents, namely moles, to be going haywire under your lawn. Moles can be annoying and destructive at the same time. Moles will dig elaborate passageways and tunnels right under your feet, they will chew through and feed off any plant and tree root systems they can reach thus destroying trees and foliage for good. They will also ruin your lawn by digging multiple holes to go in and get out of the ground thus making a barren wasteland of your once lovely garden. If you have moles in the yard, then be quick and call us now so that we can send you a professional pest controller that will rid you of these annoying rodents. It is pretty much impossible to banish moles since they have acute sense of hearing and can feel a vibration from many feet away, they use their strong senses to avoid danger and hide in impossible to access places in the ground – again the skills and expertise of a pro pest controller will prove invaluable in one such situation.

Mole problems should be addressed quickly since mole passageways and underground galleries are an ideal access point to the property and will be used by mice and rats alike, thus exposing your home to a full scale rodent infestation, which may have serious repercussions and health risks. In terms of extermination methods, obviously our technicians will use humane methods to start with like traps and other restrictive contraptions before resorting to other more aggressive techniques which are used to deal with more serious infestations. We will try and avoid using harsh chemicals and toxins as these are directly affecting the soil and plants in your garden. Trapping and capturing moles is no easy business, they are fast, have acute sense of hearing and know their own passageways, so professional help is required. Call us and we will deal with the problem for you.

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